Michael Lau exhibition IV

Michael Lau exhibition IV " remember – disc, time – table " Opening

Michael Lau exhibition IV " remember – disc, time – table "

當代時尚人偶教父—Michael Lau劉建文,這次宣告回歸原點,以平面畫作的創意根源,再配合其立體雕塑技巧,透過他獨特之藝術手法去演繹不同諺語。配以”記得 – 碟  •  時間 – 桌”為題之不同作品,旨在啟發我們於倒數的生命中去反思一些他認為值得大家記住的價值。

The godfather of urban vinyl – Michael Lau, returns to his root of painting combined with his signature 3D touch in this exhibition titled " remember-disc · time-table “ to reflect through his artistic expression of different quotes, on values he believes one should remember during a constant countdown of time in life.


“於時間裏,你應記著甚麼? ” –  Michael Lau

Through applying in 44 pieces of 2D circular medium to play on the word ‘disc’ to denote the word ‘this’ as painting, and the 3D medium of ‘table’ to symbolize the progression in time as sculpture, Lau shares what he thinks could be important learnings to remember, to encourage us reflecting on thoughts that we are yet to put into action, given the lesser and lesser time we all have as every second slips away in our life.

  “ In TIME, what should you REMEMBER? ” –  michael lau



  • 木碟組別(一共16件)
  • 帆布組別(一共19件)
  • 不鏽鋼組別(一共9件)

The 44 pieces of artwork as divided in 3 groups:

  • The Wood Group (Total 16 pieces)
  • The Canvas Group(Total 19 pieces)
  • The Stainless Steel Group(Total 9 pieces)


展覽今日(May 15)於Michael Lau pop-up gallery 正式開展!喜愛Michael Lau的朋友們,將可以藉由此次個人藝術展覽,以平面畫作的創意根源,再配合其立體雕塑技巧,透過他獨特之藝術手法去演繹不同諺語,公開與群眾分享。請各位朋友們務必蒞臨現場!!




劉建文個人展之四 – “記得 –   •  時間 – 

日期:           2014年5月15日至6月1日

[展覽開幕招待會5月15日下午6:00,  只限受邀請人仕出席]

開放時間:    中午12:00至晚上9:00

地點:           Michael Lau pop-up gallery 香港銅鑼灣加寧街6號地下

電話:           +852 3486 7070

電郵 :           crazysmilesmail@yahoo.com

網址:           www.crazysmiles.com

Michael Lau Exhibition IV  –  " remember-disc · time-table “

Date                :     May 15 – Jun 1 2014

(Opening reception on May 15 at 6pm, by-invitation only)

Time               :     12:00 – 9:00pm

Place               :     Michael Lau pop-up gallery – G/F, 6 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Enquiry          :     +852 3486 7070

Email               :   crazysmilesmail@yahoo.com

Website        :     www.crazysmiles.com



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